Types & Working Principles
Ionization Pins
Self-Shorting Pins
Piezoelectric Pins

Types & Working Principles
Download thin film Calibration Curves

Stress Gauges
Strain Gauges
Stress/Strain Gauges
Velocity Gauges

Types & Working Principles
•Coaxial Transducers
•Flat Packs

Cable Assemblies &

Pulse Power Supply &
•Pin Mixer
•Charge Integrators
•Line Driver

Course Outline
•Custom Testing

•Request for Price Lists or Contact Dynasen

Japan Representative
U.K. Representative
India Representative

Gas Gun Facility
Drop Tester Facility
•Electronics Assembly
•Thin Film Deposition
•Machine Shops
R&D and Custom Designs

Sens-Alert Remote sensing unit
Agricultural Dew Sensors
Irrigation Alarms
Vertical Stone Launcher
Coating Adhesion Tester
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